WWDC keynote announcements

In iOS 9 Apple focused on stability and performance. But during its preview at WWDC 2015 Apple highlighted some of its new features. In iOS 9 Siri got a new colorful UI and new features. Also Apple really focused on storage. While iOS 8 took about 4 gigabytes to install, iOS 9 only takes about 1 and a half gigabytes. iOS 9 introduces a stronger simple password. Instead of four digits it has six. Apple also replaced newsstand with an all new app. News. Apple’s new flipboard competitor. In News you can choose what you want to see. New in notes you can hand draw notes and create bullet lists. To improve battery performance Apple has made iOS battery friendly. During the event Apple highlighted this during the conference. According to Apple the iPhone 6 should receive up to 1 more hour of battery life. Apple made new features for the iPad as well. One of the key ones is split screen multitasking. People have been waiting for Apple to do this for a while now. During all this Apple managed to announce that Pay is now available in the UK. Nearing the end of the keynote Tim Cook revealed WWDC’s “One last thing”. Apple went past the time when WWDC was supposed to end to explain Music. Apple’s new streaming service. When iOS 9 comes out this fall it will cost $9.99 per month. But the service will be free for three months. Passbook got a minor refresh too. Apple renamed it wallet since it is not just for passes anymore. Apple managed to make iOS 9 available on A5 chip devices. Also maps has gotten transit directions according to previous rumors.  



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